We recently ended up purchasing a Pax Era battery/vape pen. Also Picked up a couple of the The Lab Pods for it. It priced out at $60 for the pen and each cartridge was $65 for the Blueberry distillate 500mg pods. This done at Star Buds 303. The price was a bit of a shocker, but we knew going into it it wouldn’t be cheap. It’d come highly recommended and the budTender at Star Buds 303 was also full of good things to say. So off we went with a bag full of goodies and high hopes. After all there was a couple bucks laid out on the Pax and three pods. Came back to the Zoo Den, broke that puppy out and charged it up. While this was going on the App was downloaded off iTunes. Now the anticipation set in thinking like most things this was going to be hours wait. It fully charged in roughly 40 minutes to our surprise. We have all had that thing that charges real fast then shits itself real fast to. So we popped in a Blueberry The Lab pod and commenced to puffing. bare in mind we are dab folks around here, so tolerances are probably rated at, yep we are usually high. That being said, we sat around and shared this thing for probably a good 45 minutes discussing its controls, functions, light displays and general thoughts on it, when it dawned on us that yes, everyone had nice present body buzz. The head high was there, but mind clearity was great, concentration was good and it was nice pleasant buzz. So lets get into the nitty gritty of what we knew so far. As far as the build of the Paz Era, it is solid, great as it is bead blasted anodized aluminuim and feels as though you could slip this sleek little thing in any pocket, backpack, purse or gym bag and it be safe. The pods are well built as well and once inserted into the Pax, its invisible as to what it is. The amount is discretion made is really nice and the pod is really nicely protected in the Pax Era housing. The USB charging is handy and the cord is well built. With dimensions of 3.3″hX .72″wX .40d its small, sleek and handy. The 240 mAh battery charged fast. The BlueTooth and app are really handy, we will cove that in a minute. So after 2 days of fairly frequent puffs on this thing I was starting to get impressed. The Blueberry distillate was tasty as it was on the first puff. The battery was holding at 50% and it had been tossed around in a hot car, pockets, soccer game, trip to Walmart, and some very nice long draws. Day 3. The pod is now starting to turn clear the taste is off slightly, but nothing a temp adjustment didn’t help. FYI, use the app. You can select temps from 520F to 790F. So far the 640 has worked best for puff size and taste. Did I mention these Blueberry pods are so yummy. The Peach are OK, not my forte, but they work fine and actually taste fine, I was partial to the Blueberry and for good reason. They were Terpyness at its best. The length the pod lasted was really nice, considering the price. The Pax Era, wow, as the battery life is really impressive and this is now my goto out and about vape rig. Hiking, backpacking, fishing, you name it. You can’t suck the hell out of it expecting a huge rip, instead a really nice easy long draw and it’ll deliver a nice size cloud. We all really like this little thing, and it is now my personal pen. Between the build, design, materials and function, this is one cool little buy. If price is not an issue, I do recommend this unit.
When it comes to cannabis consumption let’s take a look back at our history and it becomes obvious that consumption has its roots in a “bowl” and maybe that would explain why you can ask anyone in any crowd if they want to smoke a bowl and you will never get, “bowl of what” back as an answer. We can only imagine our ancient ancestors sitting around a fire in the cave after sundown and all of them having a community hot-box session. So we can start our journey down the path of cannabis consumption at its roots. Any true cannabis connoisseur knows the pain and flavor of smoking some nice flower out of a used Coke can. HACK! Those inks, and can liner coatings are NOT good for you. So let’s pretend none of you have done that and move forward from there. FYI, smoking out of a copper pipe, is just as bad. Never heat copper up and inhale the fumes, just not a good idea. With all that being said, where do we take a bowl topic from here. Types comes to mind first, as in glass, metal, organic, handmade or homemade as long as it servers the purpose of getting the lit pile of flower smoke from point A to point B without burning a lip, tongue or the body part along the way will work for most “stoners”, although we have seen creativity play a roll in it. Give someone something to smoke and a lighter with nothing to smoke out of. All of a sudden the antisocial smoker is much more open to sharing a bowl and the thought of nothing to smoke turns us into engineering MacGyver types. I will make something becomes a plausible option and sterility and class go out the door. From cob pipes to things we promised not to bring up again, we have all tried many ways to have a bowl. So here is to the coming journey on the topic of consuming cannabis. May your choice of a bowl deliver a clean, cool, smooth puff of cannabis smoke. Next time we shall get into more specific ways to consume your cannabis. Until then enjoy a bowl with your favorite smoking friend, even if it is just you.
As the  the cannabis industry evolves, so does development of the cannabis products, and so does the consumer become more and more refined. The methods and styles of cannabis use and consumption have come a long way. We are going to dive deeper into the subject of cannabis consumption, use, types, methodology, and general use.

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