Handy Pucker Review

We were recently given the opportunity to use and review the Handy Pucker a tool designed to “puck” up Kief. We passed them out to the crew and let things unfold. What we found was a really easy way to fill a cone or pre roll papers. We use large amounts of Kief and the we just couldn’t form pucks big enough for our application, but the tool was extremely handy to fill a cone and the crew loved the ability to pack it with flower and a little chief and one kinda packed it would slide into a cone and with little more effort the cone was filled and packed adequately so it would burn without the typical “runner”.  The crew all agreed that for a smaller amount of chief or for a smaller application the tool is perfect. and preforms well. We made several smaller pucks to use in a rosin press, but fought with the quantity, but for a smaller application again it will work perfect. The folks using smaller press methods will love it, or to make a puck for a bowl. We did make a few “time-bombs” in a joint. simply make a 1/4” by 1/4” puck and add somewhere in the middle of the cone, at some point the flavors will explode as the chief puck is now being burned. We love the opportunity to evaluate the tool and play with it in several applications and real world use, as the crew can be a bit rough with equipment. We saw zero failures or quality issues. We want one about 1.5” (38MM) in diameter. We discovered The  “Handy Pucker” had multiple uses around the Zoo-Den by the time we were satisfied about performance and usability. Overall we were pleased with the product an look forward the future for the Handy Pucker.

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