Emerald Zoo reviews the TRANSPRING A10 atomizer and MIX2 touch sensitive battery. Nice power in a small atomizer will handle your CBD and THC oil needs.

TRANSPRING A10 Cartridge & MIX2 Battery Review 

We recently received some TRANSPRING A10 Cartridges and a couple MIX2 touch sensitive batteries. As usual the product is sent to the Zoo lounge for unpacking, inspection and use. These were a popular item around here since oils of both THC and CBD are staple and welcome in the Zoo lounge when the opportunity arrises. The packaging is clean and the products showed up in great condition without a ton of excess packaging we often see. It was a refreshing find. Let’s start with the basics. The look of the batteries are sleek and smooth in the hand and well balanced with either the .5ML or 1.0ML cartridge mounted. The smooth battery is nice to hold and use. The set came with a nice screw on type USB charger for the batteries that performs nicely and recovers the batteries well. Let’s start with the battery and discuss what its features are. The touch sensitive end lights up with each touch. Five touches and it’s powered on, three touches set voltage applied to the cart, four touches start a pre heat, with one touch stopping the pre heating, and five again will power it off. Once activated a simple draw and it starts heating at the last set temp. The illuminated touch end also indicated the voltage with color as cyan is 2.4V or low, blue 3.2V or Med and violet indicates 4.0V or high. The battery has a really nice charge and life to them and will hold up to a social use setting nicely. They charge quickly enough and have seen zero issues. The crew loves the touch sensitive ends an have pretty much absconded with them, so they are a winner. The 510 thread makes them handy and versatile as well. Now the heart of any cartridge/battery setup is going to be the cartridges performance. The TRANSPRING A10 cartridges come in .5ML or 1.0ML size tanks with really nice white, black or chrome mouthpieces that are smooth and easily cleaned post sessions. The carts are easy to remove the mouthpiece and fill with any oil syringe or cart filler if you have one of those. As with most carts let it sit standing to let the oils flow and allow it to settle before use. We filled 2 carts both .5ML with oil. One with THC and the other with CBD and put them to the social use test with the group. Long hard heavy pulls, light pulls, none stop use. Performance was superb and flavors stayed spot on from full to empty. After a couple weeks use and multiple fills, and drains with many battery charges and discharges there have been zero issues observed. Flavors stay true throughout use. There is a science behind their products and heavy metals testing is a key part of manufacturing. The company has put enough thought into the product to incorporate anti-counterfeiting technology into them, as well as multiple mouthpiece connection types to satisfy multi platforms and uses such as threaded, buckle, self-lock and child-proof. See the www.transpring.com website for details on this and more. After several weeks in and out of the Zoo Lounge we have no choice to give this one 5 out of 5 Zoo points. From design, to ease of use, to performance the products have real world use and abuse and have held their own even in the Zoo. Hands down a winner. The atomizers performance is superb and never screwed up the oil flavors or aromas. Thank you TRANSPRING for the opportunity to test the products, as they have become a favorite for oils.

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