Hello Zoologists Fans,

Let me introduce myself. I am Royal Kola an I am gonna write stuff for Emerald Zoo. All kinda of shit from funny to more serious notes like dirty cannabis that has bad pesticides, herbicides, growth products, fungus, or molds. On that note I was thinking about just what topics I should jot down for your reading pleasure.

The concept and grand dream for the Zoo is new and it is like a growing little cannabis bean. With that being said, I think I shall start with the topic of cannabis seeds and the germination process.

Like the Zoo, it starts with a thought and inspiration until it manifests itself into a labor of love. I suppose in the grand scheme of things growing marijuana is just like anything else. Either you put your heart into it and you achieve success or you half ass it and watch it fall apart before your eyes while trying to figure out what went wrong.

Having been given this opportunity to share my personal thoughts, experiences and ideas I feel about cannabis on an open platform is a privilege and we shall see what happens next. My personal thoughts on cannabis are this. When we can lock someone up longer for a possessing a plant than committing a violent crime, there is an issue. In light that there are people with a much better quality of life for the medical marijuana uses. As far as the medical aspect of this, I suffer from PTSD and it’s what has kept a couple folks alive to tell another tale.

Like anything else I suppose marijuana can become an issue. Bearing in mind that sex, narcotics, money, booze and a whole list of shit can be that way. I think the few fatalities that have been blamed on cannabis had other outliers that were not available, as in alcohol, drugs, mental illness excreta. I’m no expert on cause of death, except my own, I’m pretty sure Ill know how that one happened and why. But here we are and America has legal “weed”.

The term weed alone has a story, really, Google it. Plus those that have ever grown know why its called a weed. It is my sincerest hope that someone, anyone finds the words here of some value. I shall dive into the cannabis seed/germination subject pretty quick. Until next time, ya all medicate and recreate responsibly. We at the Zoo believe in safe, sane, sensible access.

Royal Kola

Emerald Zoo

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