Good and fun food

Food is the best way to get and keep someones attention. Make it good and fun food and we have a dinner winner! Cannabis and cooking can be a confusing confection. Kief in the kitchen and not Kief Catcher, as we think he spends enough time at the grub hub. He is in good shape…Round is a shape right. We know he is on the level because the bubble is in the middle! Enough picking on our editor. Just kidding  Mr. Kola you rock Sir. (just in case he reads this) Cooking with cannabis can be as rewarding as any use of the cannabis plant is. Many parts of the plant come into play in the kitchen. There are those that swear by stem teas, root teas, and we all know about the flowers. Cannabis culinary confections do not need to be hard, confusing or complicated while keeping you fully recreated and medicated. We shall share with you what we have experienced in the Kitchen. While we are not experts, we will share with you what we do know. So come back next week when we get into the discussion of what decarboxylation is and why you need to know.

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