So here we are at the moment of truth. You aquired your cannabis seed(s) and you are ready. It is with the sincerest hope that if you have come this far you are prepared to take on the task of growing your new cannabis plant(s). There are a multitude of costs involved and there is ALWAYS security to be concidered.

With all that being said, lets just assume you have a small closet, room or if you’re lucky a large area to make a clone/veg/seedling room and a quality flower room. Now you’re into a larger scale operation. For general knowledge and function, let us keep to a 4x4x6 grow tent just makes things easier to stay at a basic level and take some of the complexity out of a larger operation, or at least that will be the premise.

Let’s get back to the cannabis seeds. Those little magic beans that can bring joy or so much frustration that all your equipment ends up Craigslist for pennies on the dollar. So we shall assume you acquired quality feminized seeds or you know how to identify gender on a plant and you take the boys out ASAP or you like seedy cannabis. High quality top self cannabis is seedless and true sinsemilla cannabis.

Now you should understand the strain you are growing, and good research will help in the long run. Remember this general rule of thumb. The Sativa strains will most likely be tall and thin leaved with a longer flowering time. The Indica strains will tend to be shorter fatter plants with short wide leaves and tend to flower slightly quicker. The hybrid strains you will need to know dominance and plant growth characteristics. When height is an issue, it is critical that a plant does not get too tall in the vegetative state or there will be a height issue after the plant stretches when the photo period is changed to a flowering time – usually a 12/12 light cycle.

Well we have covered a lot of info and have not even opened the package. These are some of the reasons why cannabis cultivation is not for everyone. Google “How to set up a saltwater aquarium” and you will get back a thousand theories on how to do it. Cannabis is much the same way. We shall share how we practice the techniques and the failures and successes we have experienced. How you choose will ultimately come down to experience and your successes and failures.

Back to those cannabis beans that you chose very carefuly based on skill, room and environment. Germination by nature is just the seed absorbing moisture and feeling the warmth of spring. For the indoor gardener we very carefully recreate nature and then control every aspect of it from temperatures, humidity, light cycles, airflow, CO2 concentrations and water quality and nutrient values. We as the gardener have a huge responsibility to the health and wellbeing of our cannabis plants.

As you grow with experience and learn your strain it becomes very obvious real fast that your plants will respond to everything you do or do not do. It is with a heavy heart that you will have to except that you killed one or 200 and it kinda feels all the same to a committed cannabis gardener.

Here is the list of items we recommend to get a cannabis seed started. Cannabis seeds, a plant starter dome and tray with a seed heating pad under it to maintain that 75˚F-80˚F temp. A clean unused spray bottle, unbleached paper towels, a revisor of RO water PH’d around 6.2 and well aerated.

Wet your paper towels in the PH”d water and form several layers on a sauscer plate. Using gloved hands handle your cannabis seeds and place them on the wet layer with adequate space between them. Now make another layer of several layers of paper towel and lightly cover those seeds. Now take an inverted plate and cover them. Place on the warm humidity dome you’ve had running at least 48 hours and temp checked. Leave them in the dark 24-48 hours and check them. Make sure the towels are moist and not throughly soaked as this is not good either, just good and moist.

After the 24-48 you should have a taproot about 1/2 inch long give or take. We shall cover the next steps in the next article. Until then #Cannafans puff responsibly and respectfuly.

Remember, don’t drive dirty. A message from the crew at the Emerald Zoo looking out for all of you. Always remember that cannabis cultivation may not be legal in your area. Just our CYOA for the day.


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