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Zoo Den

Welcome to the ZooDen, where Product reviews, strains are tested and reviewed, various Cannabis related products are tested, tried and reviewed. If you have a product you would like highlighted in the Den please let us know. Our crew is well versed in products, strains, consumer products, use and the who, what, where, when, why and how about Cannabis.

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Zoo Kitchen

Nothing gets someones attention like food. Where does everyone gather at a family event, the kitchen. Whether you are medicating or recreating, cannabis that eaten has a whole new experience for some. We will address risks, benefits, pros and cons. We will address types, doses, and hopefully review a few. We can address decarboxylation and why it needs to happen. Recipes and fun ways to eat your cannabis.

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Zoo News

Want to find the lattest news from the Cannabis world here is where you will find it. Bringing you current, relative news you can use. from legal to recent changes or breaking news.

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The Kief Catcher & Reefer Man show


Zoo Garden

Here we shall discuss the many ups and downs to germination, propagation, cultivation, harvest, trim and cure of Cannabis. Our views, technology, techniques and opinions are solely ours, based on our successes and failures.

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Zoo Pictures

Looking for the beauty of Cannabis captured through the lenses here at Emerald Zoo. All Pictures are sole property of emerald Zoo LLC. If you would like prints please let us know, would you like right of use, let us know.

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