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Credit Marijuana Business Daily


The Department of Justice is apparently gathering information from at least the Colorado attorney general’s office regarding criminal marijuana investigations.

A records request filed with the DOJ by the International Business Times yielded an email from a Drug Enforcement Administration official to Michael Melito, a lawyer with the Colorado attorney general’s office, in which the DEA agent requested information about specific Colorado cannabis cases. To continue article click-  DOJ looking at Colorado Marijuana violations



Cannabis in the media? Imagine that for a moment will you. It is not that uncommon today that you do not hear about cannabis in the news and media every day. It is our strongest core value to bring real, relevant and current news from around the world of cannabis. As our world seems to be turning this Emerald Green it is always amazing to hear the cannabis stereotypes, slangs and general negativity around the subject. It is alarming to us that it is perfectly legal to get all alcohol tanked up and do all sorts of silliness including killing an innocent family or one’s own self. Get caught with a joint in the wrong state or municipality and they will make an example of ya. It is time for national blanket reform. Standardized laws would be a great place to start. That will take federal level action and in several branches at that. We will bring the latest news from around our global community.



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