Grow Technology

When it comes to any cannabis cultivation or propagation we need to understand the importance of the basics. When you get down to it the most elementary item besides the clone or seed is the water! The very essence of life on earth, get it wrong and it will spell certain disaster for a cannabis farmer. Technology on this subject has given the modern ganja farmer way more control over the water used to sustain their cannabis plant(s). One or one thousand, the water qualities need to be held to the same standards if you want to achieve the flower you went down and bought at the local dispensary. Now short of a hydro grower, water will remain basically the same from strain to strain. Let’s just stick to a basic organic soil grower for the sake of ease. When it comes to water there is a delicate balancing act between too much and not enough. one way and the roots will drown in stagnant water, too little and dehydration can cause too much stress on the plants vegetation development. Don’t get lost in the water either. In young Vegetative growth water will have different qualities than water used in early seed or clone development and differ even more than water used in late flowering stages. Add in nutrients, teas, grower secrets and you can see where the water looses its clarity. Everything from PH, PPM, Chlorites, oxygen levels and any heavy metals will alter water for the cannabis plant. And when it comes to nutrients there are complexities as the PH of the water can cause a plant to loose its ability to absorb nutrients altogether. Confused yet? No fear, as we will set to clear up this water topic. Can a home grower expect high quality cannabis without expensive equipment and meters? The short answer is yes, although an investment in certain items must be an understanding when deciding to grow cannabis. There are startup costs that must be considered. When it comes to the topic of water we would highly recommend a good PH meter, PPM meter in a low and high range, a way to measure humidity and temperature with the capability to transmit to a more logical location for monitoring, new plastic 55 gal drum, pump sized to match, and an air pump and stones match to capacity. PH adjustment chemicals and sample cups. Yep, all this water related. Not to mention the cost involved with lighting, air management, environmental controls, and mechanical installations and the ever dreaded and sometimes takes way to lightly is the electrical. Fuck that one up and death can be a real hazard there and a fire hazard that should scare you a little. We will continue down the topic of water in the next article and how we measure and keep it consistent. Your plants will thrive with consistent and proper water quality controls. At the end of the day, your flower will treat you better, burn cleaner, smoother and have that great taste you expect out of top shelf bud.

Who hasn't thought of growing their own cannabis? Ever tried and failed? Ever had someone ask you why their plants are dying or why they are thriving, and could not explain why? In the styles and technologies in today's modern cannabis grows there is technology that would rival a 1960"s NASA grow room. We shall start talking about cannabis growing, technology and the modern ganja farmer.