The Zoo Crew

The crew is made up of a complex assortment of industry professionals and natural leaders. With decades of experience in each of their areas of knowledge, they make up what is one of the most talented crews any Zoo could ask for. So relax and enjoy the fact your in skilled hands.

Our Mission

Each area has a crew member that will gladly answer any questions, address any issues or concerns, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or things you would like to see the Zoo Crew address, test or review and we will see if we can make that happen.

Meet The Zoo Crew

The most tallented damn crew in any zoo.

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The Zoo Keeper

Founder & CEO

She has an extensive background in the advertising, graphics and multimedia world, and has the leadership skills needed to lead the Zoo into the future.


Sativa Skye

Hostess Extraordinaire

She will be your guide through the Zoo jungle. She is wise, talented and dangeroulsy beautiful.


Royal Kola


Royal comes from a precision manufacturing background and is comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt or sitting a boardroom meeting. Leadership by example.


Indica Rayne

Zoo Co-Host

Indica has the personality and knowledge to help guide through the world of cannabis here at the Zoo.


Kief Catcher

Content Manager

With many years in videography, photography and general mayhem Kief Catcher is an advanced cannabis cultivation authority and is the Zoo gardner/landscaper and general source of fun.


Reefer Man

Reefer Man has the years of cultivation and propagation expertise to bring strain specific information in current, relevant forms of information needed to navigate today's complex world of strains.